> On Nov 9, 2009, at 7:10 PM, Jack Skellington wrote:
> > Hello All
> >
> > I'm currently in charge of the development of a cross-platform OpenGL
> > app which uses GTk+ for it's interface.
> > The app runs on both *nix/X.org and win32 but when I started looking
> > into OS X I found that the Quartz OS X version of Gtk+ is neither
> > complete nor being actively developed.
> No, it is not fully complete, but getting close.  Recently, I have  
> been working on reviewing outstanding patches, fixing up the last few  
> kinks remaining after the transition to client side windows and  
> implemented proper and complete multi monitor support.  I do have  
> plans on how to continue my work on the backend.  Development of the  
> Mac port is actually pretty active.  I only have very ample spare time  
> to work on this and I do not get paid for this at all.  Saying that  
> the OS X port is not being actively developed is actually close to  
> insulting to me; I have been trying my best to pick it up after the  
> previous maintainer stopped working on it.

Well, let me be the first to thank you for all you efforts Kris, you have been 
extremely helpful to me, and I am actively developing a ERP (Ordering, 
purchasing, Inventory, CRM) for the company I work for. The work you and John 
Ralls et al. have done has made it possible for me to do my work. 

So keep up the good work.

> > Also if a native Gtk+ OS X framework were available people who are
> > maintaining Gtk+ apps would have the option to extend their user base
> > to OS X quite quickly.
> The basics for this have been worked out in the past and are available  
> for everybody to pick up.  John Ralls & co have been doing a good job  
> at making GTK+ easy to build and looking into scripts for simplifying  
> the creation of application bundles for GTK+ applications and a  
> framework.


I have successfully used this on OS X Leopard (build the framework and app 
using jhbuild, with ige-mac-integration), and have been able to build the 
framework on SN (but my application crashes out, I think because of libglade 
which I really need to move away from, fix it for GtkBuilder). 

I to wish it was more complete (window transparency and shaping, is what I'm 
looking for), but I do not have a good enough grasp of Cocoa and Carbon (Not 
very familiar with Next Step windowing system) to be of any use, but I will 
certainly try to help were I can. Two years moving from Windows to Linux, and 
now OS X, V1 to be deployed in 010110.

I'm not quite sure what you mean (Jacob) when you say "native" implementation, 
if you look at the quartz backend it looks pretty close to me, again with a lot 
of FIXME's in non-essential areas such as (window shaping), but that is not at 
all important for our functionality.

It works, and it works well on OS X, just follow the jhbuild procedures form 
the above link. 

> -kris.
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