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On Nov 10, 2009, at 7:32 PM, John Ralls wrote:

Please rerun gtk-osx-build-install.sh to get the most recent jhbuildrc. You'll have to build 32-bit to use ige-mac-integration (it uses Carbon), but the latest jhbuildrc skips it for you if you build for 64-bit. (For now, you can just abandon the module; everything else is built.)

But how do I build the framework or other apps without the ige stuff?

Just add


to .jhbuildrc-custom and press on.

You're a bit on your own with 64-bit past gtk+, though. There may be other libraries that choke; I can't test them all (and I haven't yet even done PyGtk, though that's on my todo list). Note that modulesets- stable and modulesets won't work in 64-bit because pango is held back for Tiger compatibility.

You might find the results from adding

setup_sdk("10.6", "10.6", "i386")

to your jhbuildrc-custom INSTEAD and then starting over more satisfying. That will build a fully-functional 32-bit build, which is known to work for most everything.

Note well that the framework jhbuildrc files haven't been updated to work with Snow Leopard, so you'll have to modify those to work yourself if you're really intent on building a framework.

John Ralls
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