A few comments from my side.  First, I'm sorry I had to idle when you got
around to talking about migrating Wikki to DeanSpace.  I don't know the
particulars of my schedule this weekend.  I have to spend some time with
kids and grandparents, etc.

However, the goal of Porting the Wikki starting sometime Friday, and having
it done by the end of the weekend seems very reasonable.  My expectation is
that it is likely to be a page at a time.  As such, instead of blacking out
updates on the Wikki as a whole, my thought would be to black out pages at a

e.g.  As a page starts to be migrated, put in a header
"Please do not update this page, it is currently being migrated"
and when the migration is done, changing the header to
"Please do not update this page, it has been migrated to

I do have a few concerns about the migration.  My Drupal experience is okay,
but not great, so I might not be thinking of the best way to do this.
Suggestions are encouraged.

My guess is that the Wikki becomes a Collaborative book.  Is this right or
is there a better way?

My guess is that I will need to translate the Wikki codes into HTML.  Again,
is this right, or can Drupal support Wikki code?

I'm not sure how best to do the links.  One of the things I like best about
Wiki is it's ability to automaticially link.  Is there an equivalent in

Anyone have any other ideas on how best to migrate?

I have started giving the migration a test in my sandbox.  Go to
http://ahynes1.homeip.net:8180/drupal/index.php?q=node/view/25 to take a
look and to provide any comments.


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Subject: [hackers] Notes From Meeting

Here are the high points from tonights IRC meeting; it was long but

Mostly I've taken note of things that seem "actionable" or which affect
our immediate progress. The most important thing that happened was a
hashing out of our "vanilla" site kit feature list. This is what we're
working towards for releast ASAP.

The High Points

1) LynnS needs a module list and a central place to store
documentation. Drumm suggests the book module. A feature-list was
decided on later in the meeting (see below).

2) Zacker points out that there's already been some talk about install
scripts and that some people have volunteered to coordinate.

3) Josh_k would like a mailing list or something similar to help
organize the MetaDean crew. Ditto for DeanSter. These will go up along
with the new DeanSpace home for

4) eponics suggest a "fixed" taxonomy for the kit, ping suggests the
same for people's interests/skills on deanster. The kit vanilla
taxonomy (and other vanilla concerns) will be discussed on sunday at
3pm EST in the IRC channel.

5) Madoc volunteers to be a press/PR coordinator; he will post things
to the wiki for collab-edit and send pointers to the wiki to an
editorial-committee mailing list.

6) Milestones: people will self-set specific milestones. We will agree
on general milestones in meetings, and rely on people to report on
progress. We also need to be mindful of "external" milestones.
  - Zack will be a "nudger".
  - Jeffk points us to phpCollab: http://phpcollab.sourceforge.net/
  - Ping suggests our milestones be specific
  - Zephyr points out that having a reliable sense of when things will
be done is very important for the campaign
  - aldon: milestones should be tied to the needs of others

7) Setting milestones
        - A vanilla release
                - Feature list:
                        - endorse
                        - event (calendar)
                        - export (rss transmitter)
                        - import (rss recieving)
                        - mailinglist (mailing lists)
                        - make_block (makes a node into a block)
                        - postcard (ecard/graphic endorsement)
                - Not included:
                        - Action (may end up being part of DeanSter)
                        - Media (not necessary, potential hold-up))
                - Needs tech support to be ready

8) DeanSpace:
        - Polycot is donating server jail. THANKS!
        - Neil is admin
                - He'll be around IRC and IM tomorrow as the site goes up
        - Josh, Zack, Madoc will work site copy
        - Aldon has volunteered to port the wiki
        - Neil will hack up a quick template, ask list for more support
        - Timeline for switch-over of h4d activity: site ready for migration
on friday, migration finished by midnight sunday. Aldon will set
blackout dates for wiki migration.

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