Excellent point Lynn. I think the stock drupal modules we're including are:

 - forum
 - blog
 - profile (which will be modded)
 - book
 - poll

We may want to include more and/or have some of the above installed but "turned off" by default in our kit. This will allow administrators to add functionality not by installing anything, but by activating what already shipped with their kit.


7) Setting milestones
        - A vanilla release
                - Feature list:
                        - endorse
                        - event (calendar)
                        - export (rss transmitter)
                        - import (rss recieving)
                        - mailinglist (mailing lists)
                        - make_block (makes a node into a block)
                        - postcard (ecard/graphic endorsement)

Sorry to be so late on this--this has been Hell Week. These are the features
we're writing, basically; what about "native" drupal modules already extant
in the vanilla kit and encourage admins to enable? Are we going to ship with
forum? blog? weblink? book? profile? poll? wha? Is it more a matter of
stripping some modules out? Just trying to figure out what us tech writers
have got to explain.

Lynn S.

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