I fully accept it. It is your club.
I just proposed to change it from Haifux to HaifOS. Or leave it as Haifux
but be more patient to other, different OSes as well.
>you will never be able to connect from Linux
Of course you will. When we find time to port it to Linux.
You see - it is not against Linux. It is just being practical and trying to
benefit the most people you can with your limited time resources.


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Lectures on configuring WiFi cards in Windows is obviously out of the scope
of the club (again, this is Haifux, if people want to have Haifwin, HaifOS,
or any other club - they are welcome to start it).
If there is some lesson about that for Linux, then it might fit, but
otherwise - it's not in the scope. 

The same goes for other complicated P2P or ad hoc networks.
If this enlighten us about how our Linux behaves (how ad-hoc networks are
established), then it's interesting and in the scope. Otherwise (this is a
propietery Windows protocol which you acnnot connect in Linux, and you will
never be able to connect from Linux) this is outside the scope of the club. 


On 4/10/07, gabik <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 

But why should we concentrate on kernel only?
For example, would not you like to hear a lecture about WiPeer
Lecture about the challenge of programmatically configuring your WiFi card
on Windows, about our way to structure a complicated P2P software, about ad
hoc networking in general, ...
(I am not currently proposing to give such a lecture, just asking your
general opinion about the interest level).

Orr Dunkelman,

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