Hi Cyril,

really nice work.

On 08-04-2012 21:42, Cyril Bonté wrote:


The code itself is in python and recently started to use Mako
Templates as a first attempt to make the code cleaner.

Oh python, ok.

The generated pages are based on Bootstrap, from Twitter. I  believe
it will help to easily add some smart features such as keyword

That's cool ;-)

The project sources : http://github.com/cbonte/haproxy-dconv
The project web page : http://cbonte.github.com/haproxy-dconv/
Generated documentations :
- for haproxy 1.4 :
- for haproxy 1.5 :

Feel free to give me some feedbacks. Again, help will be very
welcomed to enhance the project and the documentation ;-)

I'm willing to help, as written before ;-)

Is there any "roadmap" or some planned next steps, except the TODO's ;-)

Some questions for open discussion.

1.) Where is the right page for the 'HTMLFIED' document?
    http://haproxy.1wt.eu/#docs => separate page such as
       doc.haproxy.1wt.eu ...
2.) automatic build or a separate build option 'make htmldoc' I prefer the
    second way


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