Replying to myself :

On 11/17/2015 10:58 AM, Sylvain Faivre wrote:
Hi Aleks, and thanks again for your help.

Concerning this point :
On 11/16/2015 11:16 PM, Aleksandar Lazic wrote:

As described here;a=blob;f=doc/configuration.txt;h=45d1aacfbe0d2d53193f7956a0dd03e5f8151ea6;hb=HEAD#l5043

option http-buffer-request

maybe you should stick on the header ;-)

OK I added "option http-buffer-request", it will help for sure !

What do you mean "stick on the header" ?

Oh well, it seems like I forgot to stick on the request URL parameter, when passed with a question mark.

So I just added this to my config :
     stick on urlp(JSESSIONID) table back_jsessionid
     stick store-request urlp(JSESSIONID) table back_jsessionid

It should cover all cases now.

I currently have the following config, I think it will stick on
JSESSIONID, either in the cookie (so request header, also capturing the
cookie in reply header) or as a request URL parameter. Am I missing
something ?

backend front
     [stick-table for another purpose]
     [other stuff]
     # sticky session on JSESSIONID
     option http-buffer-request
     stick on urlp(JSESSIONID,;) table front_jsessionid
     stick on cookie(JSESSIONID) table front_jsessionid
     stick store-response cookie(JSESSIONID) table front_jsessionid
     stick store-request cookie(JSESSIONID) table front_jsessionid
     stick store-request urlp(JSESSIONID,;) table front_jsessionid

backend front_jsessionid
     stick-table type string len 24 size 10m expire 1h peers prod

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