Hi Sylvain,

On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 05:04:40PM +0100, Sylvain Faivre wrote:
> >What Aleks meant is that you don't need http-buffer-request as it's
> >only used to process POST data which isn't your case.
> Oh OK. Well, I did not talk about http-buffer-request in the beginning, 
> so I thought Aleks recommended to use it.
> I can see that it is not useful in my case, so I removed it again.

I think he wanted to be on the safest side before knowing well all the
details of your setup. Now that it works, time for cleanup has come :-)

> For future reference, here is my latest config. It has been running for 
> a few hours on our staging servers without a problem :
> backend front
>     [stick-table for another purpose]
>     [other stuff]
>     # sticky session on JSESSIONID
>     stick on urlp(jsessionid) table front_jsessionid
>     stick on urlp(jsessionid,;) table front_jsessionid
>     stick on cookie(JSESSIONID) table front_jsessionid
>     stick store-response cookie(JSESSIONID) table front_jsessionid
> backend front_jsessionid
>     stick-table type string len 24 size 10m expire 1h peers prod

Thanks that's much appreciated. I wanted to work on a mini-doc to
explain how to replace appsession with stick tables but unfortunately I
failed to find the time to do it before the release. So I appreciate
that you share the result of your findings, it will definitely help
other users.

Thanks to you and Aleks for this :-)

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