On Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 11:19:26PM +0200, Thierry Fournier wrote:
> Technically, the patch works, but  the reset of the Lua session was done
> in the stream. This reset is done in the proto_http.c, so I'm not sure
> that's the correct place for this reset.
> If the proto_http is the only one place which known the stop of one
> request and the start of another, there is the right place, otherwise ... ?

Got it, thanks for the explanation. The transaction reset code has moved
a few times already since the filters were introduced. Now the call to
http_end_txn_clean_session() is made from the filters (flt_end_analyze),
which do this regardless of HTTP, as soon as there's a transaction reset.
I think it could make sense to place this call there and to remove the
existing one from stream.c, but I wouldn't experiment with this for a
1.8 backport. Thus I'll take Patrick's patch as-is, that's safer.


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