Hi Pieter,

On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 01:14:46AM +0100, PiBa-NL wrote:
> Hi List, Willy,
> Today i thought lets give v2.2-dev5 a try for my production environment ;).
> Soon it turned out to cause SVN-Checkout to stall/disconnect for a
> repository we run locally in a Collab-SVN server.
> I tracked it down to this commit: 493d9dc (MEDIUM: mux-h1: do not blindly
> wake up the tasklet at end of request anymore) causing the problem for the
> first time. Is there something tricky there that can be suspected to cause
> the issue.? Perhaps a patch i can try?
> While 'dissecting' the issue i deleted the whole directory each time and
> performed a new svn-checkout several times. It doesn't always stall at the
> exact same point but usually after checking out around +- 20 files something
> between 0.5 and 2 MB. , the commit before that one allows me to checkout
> 500+MB through haproxy without issue.. A wireshark seems to show that
> haproxy is sending several of RST,ACK packets for a 4 different connections
> to the svn-server at the same milisecond after it was quiet for 2 seconds..
> The whole issue happens in a timeframe of start of checkout till when it
> stalls within 15 seconds.
> The 'nokqueue' i usually try on my FreeBSD machine doesn't change anything.
> Hope you have an idea where to look. Providing captures/logs is a bit
> difficult without some careful scrubbing..
> Regards,
> PiBa-NL (Pieter)

No answer yet, but I just tried to do a checkout of the FreeBSD svn tree
via haproxy, and it indeed doesn't work, it's a bit late right now, but
I'll have a look tomorrow :)



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