On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 12:40:33PM +0100, Olivier Houchard wrote:
> I think I figured it out, and commit 69664419d209d2f64dbcd90f991e7ec2efff2ee2
> should fix it, at least now I can do a full svn checkout.
> Can you confirm it does the trick for you ?

Olivier, I think you made a last minute change after your fix because
it broke the build:


  src/mux_h1.c:2495:23: error: incompatible pointer types passing 'struct 
connection **' to parameter of type 'const struct buffer *' 
                if (unlikely(b_data(&h1c->conn)))
  include/common/compiler.h:98:40: note: expanded from macro 'unlikely'
  #define unlikely(x) (__builtin_expect((x) != 0, 0))
  include/common/buf.h:100:50: note: passing argument to parameter 'b' here
  static inline size_t b_data(const struct buffer *b)
I think it was h1c->dbuf not conn.


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