On 17 October 2016 at 20:13, Per Bothner <p...@bothner.com> wrote:
>> Well, I'm not sure. I don't think it does imply that. The kawa-figures
>> directory would be for installation only. Thus, if you did do
>> @image{kawa-figures/pic1}, this might imply installation under
>> ${infodir}/kawa-figures/kawa-figures, just as
>> @image{more-figures/pic2} might imply installation under
>> ${infodir}/kawa-figures/more-figures.
> Well, either "kawa-figures" has to be in the @image command,
> or one of makeinfo or info mode have to magically add it.
> I see no evidence for the latter (in either info.el or from a simple
> experiment).

My understanding is that info.el (Emacs Info) should add it.
(Standalone Info doesn't handle images so is irrelevant here.)

> 'make pdf' seems handle fine creating a pdf with images in a
> sub-directory.
> I don't know about 'make dvi' - but who cares?

dvi would likely work the same as pdf.

>> The reason is that the
>> file is processed as TeX and there are TeX systems for operating
>> systems with differing types of filesystem.
> So?  Is there any currently-used system that can run TeX that wouldn't be
> able to handle kawa-figures/pic1.png?  (I would not expect MS-Windows
> to have any problems.  It's only the Windows shell that doesn't like
> using slashes - most libraries work fine.)

Not that I know of.

>> It would be simpler just to have everything on the one level.
> That appears inconsistent with the advice to use FOO-figures.

That's for installation only, not for organization of the sources.

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