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On 17 October 2016 at 20:13, Per Bothner <p...@bothner.com> wrote:
Well, I'm not sure. I don't think it does imply that. The kawa-figures
directory would be for installation only. Thus, if you did do
@image{kawa-figures/pic1}, this might imply installation under
${infodir}/kawa-figures/kawa-figures, just as
@image{more-figures/pic2} might imply installation under

Well, either "kawa-figures" has to be in the @image command,
or one of makeinfo or info mode have to magically add it.

I see no evidence for the latter (in either info.el or from a simple

My understanding is that info.el (Emacs Info) should add it.

As far as I can tell: it doesn't.

I think it might be better to change makeinfo than info.el.
A major reason is to handle html and info consistently.
(More on this later.)  You can't expect a web-browser to
automatically add "Foo-figures/" - it would need to be done
either in the texinfo source or with a makeinfo option.
So I feel we should use the same solution for info: If we're
going to do something magic, it is better to have makeinfo do
it rather than info.el.
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