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To clarify, do you think that makeinfo should insert kawa-figures or
whatever in the paths to image files that occur in the Info files it

I think that is best.  What I'm not sure is whether it should do so
depending on a command-line flag, or automatically )by searching).

What does this achieve? Is it to make uses of the @image command more
succinct by allowing directory parts of the path to be missed out?

That's a bonus.  More important is flexibility.  It seems beneficial to
avoid hard-wiring in the figures directory - you can rename the figures
directory without changing the texinfo source.

It's certainly not a priority for me.  (For DocBook and derived formats
I munge the filenames anyway.)

The main thing is to agree on and document recommended practice.

One option is to add a  new command-line flag that specifies
a directory or filename prefix or a search path.  This path
is used for (at least) @image command.

Another option is for the @image command to check for images
in both the current directory and FOO-figures, where FOO
could be the filename in the @setfilename command.

Not sure which approach would be best.  I'd be fine with either.

I'd prefer the first option and not making FOO-figures special if it
isn't special already, assuming it's worth it, of course.

One possibility is to use the -I flag.
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