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Having two tasking managers for the same response area is of course going to 
create conflicts. 
> There's no need at all to create jobs for Haiti on another tasking manager. 
> Simply, communicat>  the needs for mapping, including AOI, need, etc, to the 
> HOT activation team and it will be prioritized and set up.
Nicolas Chavent lead in January 2010 the OpenStreetMap Humanitarian Responses 
in Haiti, making a few trips in Haiti with other GIS from the not yet 
incorporated NGO called HOT.  These first major Activtion add quite a great 
success and showed the capacity of NGO's to collaborate with UN agencies and 
humanitarian NGO's.
>From 2012, we started a serie of major Activations. I lead Activations for DR 
>Congo, Mali, Haiyan Philippines, West Africa Ebola, Vanuatu and the Nepal 
>earthquake last year.  Severin also lead a serie of Activations for forgotten 
>conflicts such as Central Africa an South Sudan.  This brought in a lot of 
>innovations, more and more confidence for humanitarian NGO's to work with 
But badly at the same time there are conflicts inside HOT about orientations 
and some people that do not respect enough volunteers. New rules to control the 
Tasking manager, censorship of the HOT list, new rules that exclude the 'Bad 
frenchies' from the Activation lead, this is not the best when you start an 
Activation like this one for Haiti.
Nicolas, Severin, Jean-Guilhem, Fred and myself all worked in Haiti to develop 
the OSM community.  Fred Moine worked two years for the OIM in Port-au-Prince 
and continued collaboration with haitians to develop an Imagery acquisition 
project with Drones.  He did provide 3D imagery for various location at risk 
such as Riviere Grise and Canaan.

You and your friends Mikel have choose to not support Fred initiatives but to 
support later the development of Uviator.
In parrallel to HOT our group of quite experienced leaders of OS Responses are 
working to support a team of OSM responders in Port-au-Prince. Fred Moine, 
Xavier Tardieu and Pressler Jean are working closely with the Haiti Civil 
Security. We did work to enhance the list of Schools and hospitals in the South 
West peninsula of Haiti. The OSM african contributors from Bouake organize Task 
Manager jobs to focus on the most affected areas.  Our collegues in 
Port-au-Prince also had the opportunity last week to take an helico while the 
road was closed and take the first drone images of Jeremy to asssess the 
situation with the Haiti Civil Security. They will have new missions next week 
to cover more areas.
There are tensions and hunger in these towns where more then 80% of houses are 
damaged or destructed. The drones offer a great possibility to help to assess 
the damages and the Civil Security wants to try this option.
As Jean-Guilhem was saying yesterday (please stop to censor his emails) we will 
organise post-disaster tasks to evaluate damages.
Dale was criticizing before such projects.  As I told him after Haiyan, both 
OSM, Copernicus and others did evaluations using very bad aerial imagery due to 
bad atmospheric conditions.  There were surely limits to such evaluations. 
Imagery from Drone offer quite better quality. Plus we have to adapt to the 
reality and needs of each Activation.
In the best world we would work all together with respect and continue to 
progress to respond better and better to international humanitarian responses.
We have great experience with Activations and want to continue helping the 
international community and NGO's in such difficult situations.  We need to 
concentrate in the western part of the South-west peninsula where NGO's did not 
deliver yet water and food, where teams of doctors circulate rapidly in some 
points to take care only of more wounded persons. Cholera is spreading and 
there is a high risk of epidemy.
Mikel, Dale and other board members you decided to take different directions. 
If you are ready to work with respect, openess with us, to let the experienced 
volunteers continue to lead Activations and be on the DHN coordination room 
with our partners, tell us. 

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