Having two tasking managers for the same response area is of course going to 
create conflicts. There's no need at all to create jobs for Haiti on another 
tasking manager. Simply, communicate the needs for mapping, including AOI, 
need, etc, to the HOT activation team and it will be prioritized and set up.


On Saturday, October 15, 2016, 4:51 AM, Severin Menard 
<severin.men...@gmail.com> wrote:


New update about ourcontribution to the OSM Map4Haiti mapping. Job#45 is almost 
done now and we will start mapping the rural areaswithin the hills of 
département of Grande-Anse, over the communes ofAbricots, Dame-Marie, 
Chambellan, Moron, Anse d'Hainault and GrandeAnse, located in the most affected 
areas by Hurricane Matthew (UNOSATimpact zone 1, with winds over 120 km/h) with 
job#64, continuing our systematic, consolidated effort over thehills (called 
mornes in Haiti).

We hold an agileSOTM today here at Université Alassane Ouattara and will have a 
teamof crisis mapping during the whole day to show students and peoplewhat it 
is. No newcomer will be invited to map on Haiti from Bouakébut invited to 
become a local mapper, raise his skills and join laterwhen experienced enough. 

I hope this messageis read by the HOT US coordination team, especially Dale 

October 8 6:30 PM UTCI communicated about job #39about pre-disaster mapping 
over Jeremie. On October 12, whenour mapping is almost done on Central Jeremie, 
we figure out peopleare mapping on the area, due to a HOTUS job #2228 created 
by Dale Kunce. We stopped and quicklydetected all the mistakes done by very 
recent mappers. 

October 12 11:40 AMUTC I communicated on the hot list including regarding 
job#45 about mapping Jeremie’s hinterland. Later this day, HOTUS job #2224 
covering an area slightly smaller inside the one Imade was created by Dale 
Kunce... As if there was no other places to bemapped in Haiti... 

So far, we created 7jobs over Haiti, I communicated about them and they are all 
onthe http://taches.francophonelibre.org frontpage, so it is not a big deal 
justto check them.

@Dale I think HOT UScreated a curriculum to raise skills to become Crisis 
activators, Iwould advise you to read it one day when you have a bit of time. 
If ever it does not mention to read andcommunicate in the hot list during an 
activation, I would suggest toadd it into the documentation. As an incorporated 
company, HOT US may have its own internaltools to organize its mapping, but the 
minimum is to communicate abit on the hot list with the OSM community, who is 
the holder of thislist (as everything with @openstreetmap.org). 
If you now create anew job covering job#45, I may try next time to create a job 
in the middle of thewater, just to see if you jump on it. 


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