The number of noisy&speckled pixels won't get smaller by averaging, but the 
amplitude will average out a bit, and I suspect that Huffman encoding will 
work better with that. Admittedly, I haven't tested how much of an effect 
I'll get with that; OTOH I see people recommend that approach.
The other option would be taking the median. Whatever works best *shrug*.

Longer exposure isn't something I can control with a scanner...

... anyway: I'd really prefer if I got some guidance about the existing 
tools, instead of attempts at talking me out of the approach I'm currently 
experimenting with.
Most tools come with a single page of man text that tells me fairly litte, 
and nothing about what they actually do; did I just miss the pages with 
details about what they do and what each option does, or are image 
processing tools generally intended to be used in an experiment-and-see 
fashion? Because that multitude of tools and options is overwhelming, and I 
don't want to spend months trying to find out what the strengths and limits 
of each tool and each option are...

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