At 14:58 -0500 on 06/11/2012, Roberts, John J wrote about Re: Weird thought on misuse of a GDG.:

Also, what is the significance of the V00 part of the qualifier? I was always led to believe that it was a vestige of something that was never implemented.

It allows you to create a replacement version of Generation XXXX without breaking the sequence. Lets say that for some reason you need to replace the contents of X.G0500V00. If you make the replacement X.G0500V01, it will replace the V00 copy in the relative sequence. IOW: When X(-1) is X.G0501V00, X(-2) is X.G0500V01 (in lieu of the replaced V00). This is useful for example if you want to move old files from TAPE to DASD (the V00 signaling that the file was copied to DASD from its original TAPE volume).

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