W dniu 01.07.2020 o 14:53, David Crayford pisze:
On 2020-07-01 8:26 PM, John McKown wrote:
And what?
I can subscribe to IBM-MAIN using John Doe and some anonymous email.
Will they track the IP from Joh Doe sent the message?

Using TOR (The Onion Router), it would be very difficult to get to your
specific IP address.

haha! How many IBMMAIN users are using the "dark web"?

It is not necessary. There are much simpler and "good enough" methods to hide someone's IP. Examples:
- use open Wifi
- use neighbours Wifi (I know a guy who worked many months using such Wifi)
- use some "proxy tools" which redirect your web browser or even whole system to another country. Some of them by design leave no traces - this is good for sites limited "only of US" or other country.
- ask colleague to write a question

Last, but not least: I strongly doubt IBM would make any effort to investigate anything else than name and email address. And this should end this thread.

IMHO much more interesting is technical question: how to migrate real 3390 volume to Hercules. I'm not Hercules user, however I believe there is such tool up and ready.

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