The September 2016 refresh of the z/OS 2.2 manuals was loaded onto the IBM 
Publications Center website this week. Upon trying to open the downloaded file, Windows File Explorer receives an error message "Windows 
cannot open the folder. The compressed (zipped) folder is 
invalid." It appears that the file was zipped using the 7-Zip utility; 7-Zip 
opens the file nicely. This was probably done (accidentally?) because 7-Zip can 
create a smaller file, reducing the time required to download, as well as 
reducing the impact on the server.

To me, this is somewhat bad technique on IBM's part. This doesn't seem to have 
been documented anywhere, and requiring a 3rd party utility to read the file is 
not really a good idea. But, 7-Zip works (and is free)!

Attn. Marna ... can you speak to this, and maybe get this corrected?

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