Via a DMS COPY step.
Can't find any suppression, nor do I specify route of desc codes for IBM's IGD 

They are among the messages that (seem to) never appear in SYSLOG/OPERLOG, only 
in the job's Allocation messages file. IGD101I is not trappable via SLIP or 
MPFLST. They seem to be (like the IGD messages produces by the ACS routines 
WRITE statements) directly written to the job sysout. 
How is this achieved?


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Vernooij, Kees (ITOPT1) - KLM wrote:

>I would circumvent the problems (if I can get BMC to redesign their way of 
>working), but still the question remains, why the message sometimes disappear.

Question - how are they allocated? Via JCL DD statements or via dynalloc? 

Is SMS *always* used in those allocations?

I'm still wondering if messages are suppressed or if you're using wrong or 
non-standard route code or description code?

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Elardus Engelbrecht

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