I would suggest asking CA about the DMS step not generating the IGD101I 
message.  (DMS has a "hook" in SMS, doesn't it?) 

Greg Shirey
Ben E. Keith Company

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One I see BMC has asked for doc. I would definitely do that.
Two, I concur with Tom Conley, Most scheduling software will provide an SMF 
Exit in order to see when datasets are created/updated.  

I would follow up with BMC and see what they say.  If they are dependent on 
IGD101I then you need to open a case to IBM on how or when the IGD101I is 
produced to SYSLOG.

A message is produced or not based on MPF list, Automation Tools, or a user 
exit.  The Vendors (IBM and BMC) should be able to help you determine why this 
is going on.

What z/OS Maintenance has been implemented when you first noticed this issue 
What BMC maintenance has been implemented when you first noticed this issue

What user exits are in your system (IEF*) or MPF List exit, or Automation tool 

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