SMF type 42-6? One on the SMF 42's I believe carries this information.

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Subject: Load Module Trace, anyone?

Can anyone offer advice on how to report on load modules held in a specific PDS 
(or PDS(E) - I'm not fussy) being loaded by specific batch jobs, please?

I've tried looking at SMF type 14 - but that only shows the load library being 
opened  - nothing about modules.

I've tried using RACF event type 2 data generated as a result of specifying
        ralter PROGRAM ** addmem('<library name>'//NOPADCHK) but again I see 
only the library being accessed - nothing about the modules involved

I've tried using GTF with a SLIP trap for SVC8 and SVC122 (yes - some of the 
'modules' concerned are DLL's), but I still don't see anything like the amount 
of accesses I'm expecting.

I'm rapidly running out of ideas, here.


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