Hi All, I'm trying to do an in-core re-bind of a program object currently 
residing in a PDSE, rename it, and present its new name to Contents Supervisor, 
by dynamically calling IEWBLODI to do the job. IEWBLODI fails, issuing 
FUNCTION", and further explaining "Module contains one or more deferred 
 This program object has been generated by Enterprise COBOL V5.1 for z/OS.The 
problem does not occur when the same source gets compiled by Enterprise COBOL 
V4.2 for z/OS. Close inspection and comparison of the outputs of two compilers, 
V4.2 vs. V5.1, reveals that COBOL V4.2 generates program objects V2, while 
COBOL V5.1 generates program objects V3, that obviously contain some deferred 
data classe(s). I've tried to enforce 'COMPAT=PM2' on the binder at step LKED 
of the procedure IGYWCL that called COBOL V5.1 to produce the initial program 
object, to no avail. The binder rejects this override and terminates with RC12. 
Deferred classes are described as some performance measure intended for 
postponing costly instantiation, until it is really required. This in-core 
re-bind for renaming, is part of a home-written debug monitor, intended to 
allow shop users to do maintenance on production COBOL subroutines, place them 
under some temporary name in production PDSEs, and renaming them in-core into 
their "production" names before invoking main programs that call them, so that 
these main programs will be able to call the subroutines by their "production" 
names (without having to change anything in the calling main programs).   OS is 
z/OS V2R2. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 

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