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>And the resulting IEW2678S makes sense in that context, because there
>is nowhere known to IEWBLODI for the deferred classes to be loaded
>from. So asking IBM to support deferred classes in IEWBLODI (or
>IEWBLOAD, which is the same thing except without the IDENTIFY), makes
>little sense. What might make sense would be an option on these two
>functions to force all deferred classes to be loaded at the same time
>as the non-deferred ones.
>And of course as John M points out, building the PO in a temporary
>dataset (or one or more UNIX files...?) would be about as easy, would
>perform almost as well, and sounds as though it would accomplish
>what's needed.
>Tony H.
Can you suggest why, and what for, does Ent. COBOL V5.1 for z/OS generate 
deferred data class(es) at all?
Is this being controlled by some compiler option that can be negated?
Obviously, Ent. COBOL V4.2 for z/OS does not do this.

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