On 2/14/2018 7:58 AM, Tom Marchant wrote:
/SERVICE/ alone cannot handle more than one release (or maintenance level) 

What I was talking about was using Automount to manage /SERVICE in a manner 
similar to the way many shops manage /u. When a path beginning with 
/SERVICE/RES001 is referenced by SMP/E, a filesystem named, e.g. 
SYS1.OMVS.RES001 will be mounted at that mount point, which Automount manages 

The DDDEFs for the Unix paths are edited using ZONEEDIT as Tom Conley wrote in 
another post. The only difference is that the path names all start with 
/SERVICE/resvol/ rather than just /SERVICE/ or just /resvol/. The reason is 
that you can't automount manage /.

Tommee likeee this automount idea, I'll have to check it out. It would solve one problem I have with cloning zFS's, where DFDSS does weird (stuff) if the zFS filesystem is mounted. Currently have a six-month PMR open with IBM trying to hammer out exactly what DFDSS does with respect to DUMPing and COPYing zFS filesystems, quite the nightmare. I may owe you a beer Monsieur Marchant.

Tom Conley

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