Well, this may seem like an obvious answer, but I can't tell if I'm confusing 
myself or missing something.

If I use a long response time (like 10 minutes for batch), then I would think 
that I only consider that during the Performance Adjustment interval in which 
the transaction ends.  Yet that raises the question that if I have multiple 
jobs in such a service class, then over what interval must they end  to provide 
a meaningful metric?  Assuming they would all end within a 10 second window 
seems implausible, so how can a response time goal realistically be managed at 
such high values?

In addition I recently read that even transactions that haven't ended can be 
used in the evaluation of goals, but that doesn't make sense since, by 
definition, they haven't ended.  Yet this is what percentile goals are supposed 
to represent.  

So I guess my question involves how a policy adjustment interval addresses 
transaction that run longer than the time between intervals, or is it merely 
that they are only examined during the interval they actually end in?

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