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>>Personally in REXX I use a list with SPACE between each arg and a blank comma 
>>at the end
>>VAR =' a b c ' ,
>>     ' d e f '
Spaces do not separate arguments; spaces separate words.
Only commas separate arguments. 

>Unfortunately, that will not work as I have values in the arguments that 
>contain blanks. Using a blank as the delimiter doesn't cut it, then. Or rather 
>cuts it at each blank, also the blank that is supposed to be part of the value.
For example:

/* Rexx */ signal on novalue;  /*
   Simplifying (read the Ref. for details):
   o Separate arguments by commas.
   o If an argument contains blanks or internal punctuation,
     surround the argument with apostrophes.
   o Double internal apostrophes.
   Continuation with a comma has been discussed earlier.
X = F( 'a b c', 'd ''e, f'' g', 7 8 9 )
exit ( 0 )

F: procedure
    say 'F has' arg() 'arguments.'
    say 'The first  argument is:' arg( 1 )
    say 'The second argument is:' arg( 2 )
    say 'The third  argument is:' arg( 3 )
    return( 0 )

F has 3 arguments.
The first  argument is: a b c
The second argument is: d 'e, f' g
The third  argument is: 7 8 9

-- gil

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