On Mon, 9 Apr 2018 10:30:13 -0400, Hobart Spitz wrote:
>Assuming we're not talking about quoted commas, which are entirely
>different animals, I respectfully disagree for these reasons:
>   ...
>   2. Putting the argument delimiting comma at the beginning of a line
>   means that you have to remember to look at the beginning of the next line.
>   That's easy to forget/miss if you are skimming.
>   3. If you rearrange a statement, you can replace a line without a
>   leading comma with one that has such, and vice versa, with avoidable and/or
>   disastrous results.
The practice depends on the language and the culture.  For example, when
CMS Pipelines are coded in portrait format, the mode is to place the "|"
separator at the beginning of the line:

Vertically aligning the "|"s improves legibility.

>JCL is the buggy whip of 21st century computing.
>We want Pipelines in the z/OS base.

-- gil

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