On Mon, 9 Apr 2018 09:29:22 -0700, Gerhard Adam  wrote:

>If you need to include all 22 arguments, just make the last one bigger and 
>parse it a second time to get the results.
>For example:
>000001 /*  REXX  */                                                            
>000005      APPLTYPE APPLNAME UNIQUE)                                          
>000006 EXIT 0                                                                  
> ...            
>Notice that the last argument is separated by spaces to combine them all as a 
>single argument.
This depends on a couple things:
o That ALERTSN is written in Rexx, or at least that the OP has the source so he
  can modify it.
o That the "combined" arguments contain no internal blanks, which makes parsing
  more complicated.

-- gil

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