So, I finally got around to downloading the presentation that Skip mentioned 
here and took a peek.  Looks similar to the dog and pony that IBM gave to us.  
My architects keep pounding on me that they just want to use the IBM supplied 
vanilla copy of the z/OS image, and the DB2 that comes with that.   Is that 
even possible?   What ID's besides IBMUSER are even on this environment?   The 
problem is I have no knowledge of how any of this works, and I've been pushing 
back that I *thought* we'd have to at least integrate our security (CA-TSS) 
into that environment, etc.   But as soon as that occurs, then nothing else in 
the IBM supplied distro will even start?

Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill here and over complicating 
things.   They just want a throwaway vanilla environment.   I feel like they 
think this is a simple "lets stand up a Linux or Windows" and let them play.   
I admittedly do not yet see how the vanilla port can just work for me.   And 
what scares me is the amount of additional customization I will have to build 
into this to simply make it work for us.

Any more feedback on this would be helpful.

Dave Jousma
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The Southern California Z User Group held its quarterly meeting this week at 
Pacific Life Insurance Company in Newport Beach. As usual, we featured two 
topics, one of which happened to be zD&T. The presentation pdf is now 
available. Since this is an IBM sponsored group, the presentation should be 
valuable to all customers. I hope it will answer some of the questions in this 
thread. If nothing else, you will have an expert contact.

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