Afaik zd&t is same as zPDT. If so, it is an operational system. Just follow
the redbooks.


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> So, I finally got around to downloading the presentation that Skip
> mentioned here and took a peek.  Looks similar to the dog and pony that IBM
> gave to us.  My architects keep pounding on me that they just want to use
> the IBM supplied vanilla copy of the z/OS image, and the DB2 that comes
> with that.   Is that even possible?   What ID's besides IBMUSER are even on
> this environment?   The problem is I have no knowledge of how any of this
> works, and I've been pushing back that I *thought* we'd have to at least
> integrate our security (CA-TSS) into that environment, etc.   But as soon
> as that occurs, then nothing else in the IBM supplied distro will even
> start?
> Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill here and over complicating
> things.   They just want a throwaway vanilla environment.   I feel like
> they think this is a simple "lets stand up a Linux or Windows" and let them
> play.   I admittedly do not yet see how the vanilla port can just work for
> me.   And what scares me is the amount of additional customization I will
> have to build into this to simply make it work for us.
> Any more feedback on this would be helpful.
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> The Southern California Z User Group held its quarterly meeting this week
> at Pacific Life Insurance Company in Newport Beach. As usual, we featured
> two topics, one of which happened to be zD&T. The presentation pdf is now
> available. Since this is an IBM sponsored group, the presentation should be
> valuable to all customers. I hope it will answer some of the questions in
> this thread. If nothing else, you will have an expert contact.
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