Dave Jousma wrote:
>Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill here and over complicating

Maybe. Probably. :-)

>My architects keep pounding on me that they just want to use the IBM
>vanilla copy of the z/OS image, and the DB2 that comes with that.

What's wrong with that?

If they're going to try to run the bank's production workloads on ZD&TE,
that's a nonstarter. But I assume that's not what they're trying to do,

>They just want a throwaway vanilla environment. I feel like they think
>this is a simple "lets stand up a Linux or Windows" and let them play.

And that's usually fine, even more than fine! If developers have better
tools, they produce more, quicker, and with better quality. Everybody wins,
including especially the bank's customers.

Sure, there ought to be a *couple* basic rules. As a notable example, they
ought not be using real customer data in their "throwaway" environments,
which is really what your security software (CA Top Secret) is trying to
protect. That would be contrary to the bank's and customers' security
interests. But if there's no sensitive data to protect, rock on! Source
code will still be stored and managed according to bank policies (and
intellectual property enforcement), and you'll still test, hopefully better
and faster.

In addition (not in lieu of!), it'd be wise to look at how you provide
mainframe services in much more of a self-service/walk-up/instant fashion.
You can certainly do that. All of the ingredients are there, usually at no
additional charge. For example, you can use the z/OS Management Facility to
allow an authorized developer in a development LPAR to provision her own
Db2 table with test data using a pre-built z/OSMF workflow, and without any
involvement from system programmers, DBAs, etc. Just "I need a Db2 table
today for my spur-of-the-moment mobile app idea," and she gets it,
immediately, via self-service. When she's done, 6 hours later or whatever,
that service is de-provisioned. Everybody wins, except perhaps the FinTech
that's trying to beat the bank.

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