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> This thread is entertaining but largely cherry-pie-in-the-sky. While it
> might be a nice exercise for sysprogs and architects, what's missing so far
> is a compelling business case to justify the pain and agony of actually
> replacing JCL in a real world environment. For a mature shop with thousands
> of jobs to manage--most of which work very well most of the time--it would
> be a very hard sell to justify resources to build a replacement that would
> mostly work better most of the time.

​I agree. If whatever it is does not have something to do automated restart
similar to what I'm used to with CA-7, the production schedulers would
likely kill any programmer who tried to use it to run something in
production. I, like many here, am old enough to remember how much of a PITA
it was to restart a job when a step failed for some reason. Mainly deleting
datasets, but also changing GDG relative generation numbers if the restart
is after the step which created the new GDG which is used in subsequent
steps. {shudder}​

> I'm reminded of the old saw about teaching a dog to walk on its hind legs.
> What's compelling is not that the dog does it well but merely that she can
> walk that way at all. Worth maybe admission to a vaudeville show but not a
> reason to turn your life upside down.
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