On Wed, 11 Jul 2018 18:09:21 +0000, Seymour J Metz wrote:

>You keep missing the point that REXX does not currently provide the 
>that is available through JCL. Rewriting the job as a REXX script that does 
>not do
>the necessary serialization is a CLM.

>That's why I suggested a parallel allocation facility usable from REXX.
In order to avoid deadlocks, that parallel allocation facility must be invoked
only once, and before any other SYSDSN ENQs are extant.

There might be a way:  launch the Rexx script from Unix System Services.
Better yet, support //SYSEXEC DD PATH='/...' so no static ENQs are needed.
RFE material?

>I don't like JCL, but I don't see any way forward other than incremental 
Business case for those?  And trimming the whiskers from JCL would
create compatibility problems for users who have come to depend on
them, even if only as circumventions.

-- gil

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