On Wed, 25 Mar 2020 11:24:30 -0400, Ken Smith wrote:

>Useful, but this is closer and more clear (don't have a system to test)
>sysplex = MVSVAR('SYMDEF','sysplex')
>say 'Testing on' system 'in' sysplex
If, as described in the Ref.:
    The MVSVAR('SYMDEF',string) function goes through REXX substitution for 
string first,
    the result of which must be a 1-8 character symbolic-name specifying the 
symbol that
    has been defined in the SYMDEF statement. Any other values including REXX 
    might cause unpredictable results.
I code:
Bar = 'sysplex'
sysname = MVSVAR('SYMDEF','Foo')
sysplex = MVSVAR('SYMDEF','Bar')
... I'd expect to get the (same) desired result.

Whereas, if I code:
sysplex = 'Bar
sysplex = MVSVAR('SYMDEF','sysplex')
... I'd expect to get an undesired result.

<Gasp!> Right? </Gasp!>
The Ref. should clarify this with examples.

-- gil

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