I'm working on something like this for our needs, though its primary purpose is 
for review and false positive reporting (instead of central administration 
only), and the summary stats Nick mentions below and notification emails were 
not originally planned.  However, those can be added without much difficulty.

If people are interested, we can add those features and let them know when a 
beta is available next month.


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Hi Chuck,

I too am looking for this - if you find one would you kindly share?

Now as a sister to this - one that would notify a user of spams received and 
deleted daily would be wicked nice as well.  Does anyone have such for use in a 
Declude enviro?


Chuck Schick wrote: 
Let me clarify -  Each user will have their own spam folder.  I would like
this all automated.  Routing to the spam folder is not an issue but
notifying the end user of what is caught in the spam folder would be a real

Chuck Schick
Warp 8, Inc.

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Chuck Schick wrote:
  I would like to route spam that people receive to a spam folder on the 
server.  It would be great is there was a program that could 
(daily) scan the spam folder and send an email to the mailbox owner to 
tell them what was caught in the spam folder.  It would be great if 
they could click on a link to move the email to their main mail box.
    I do something like this with Imail and ASSP.  There is a copy-all the sends
spam to a designated address.  Often this is done to send a copy to services
such as spamcop, but I send it to a separate server (running
h-Mail) with but one account (my rationale is that I see no reason to burden
Declude or the Queue Manager).  Those few that I find (and I will confess
that even with scanning I do miss ham messages) I pass on.

  We are running Imail 8.22.  Anyone know of something like this?

I posted this on the declude list also - one person had something like 
this but it needs more development.

Chuck Schick
Warp 8, Inc.

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