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Generally, I think imports can be super useful if carefully executed. This
includes precise documentation. More importantly, as Christoph pointed out,
local communities should be involved as we just simply don't know whether
they've already put efforts into mapping gas stations, or if they've
already agreed on some country specific best practices. I don't think
overriding their previous work with a global import is a good idea.

Also, I checked a few data points manually and have the following comments:

1) Phone number patterns should follow the same rules within the dataset.
E.g. "+36 62 464 024" (
http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS353_10201112) in Hungary vs "+1
561-544-6012" (http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS353_10008561) in
the US (dashes/no dashes in the local part of the number). See the wiki (
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:phone#Usage) for example patterns.

2) Some urls don't point to the specific station. E.g. for this station:
http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS353_10201112   website=
be redirected to:
which is not a unique page of that station. Same thing with Shell in Poland
(e.g. http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS353_10034854). In these
cases, a general website pointing to www.shell.hu or www.shell.pl would be
a better choice if you want to add a website. Additional url parameters
here just don't serve any purpose without the correct pattern, therefore I
don't think they should be used added.

I'm not familiar with the OSM Conflator tool but it would be great to know
what parameters it uses for finding already existing OSM features. I
randomly found the following example:
http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS106_1073560996PL0 which shows a
newly created feature (green) and a feature to be modified (blue). In this
case, those feature refer to the same gas station so it should be a simple
update. I'm wondering about the conflation parameters and if you've tested
different values and evaluated the differences. I'm also wondering if you
have a general idea about the number of similar cases. This is the
information that would be helpful in the import documentation. This
scenario is also related to 1) above since the phone number is about to be
updated with the same value, in a different format. Quite possibly the
updated pattern is the correct one, but I'd ask the Polish community
whether the old value was intentional or not.

All in all, this could be a great addition, but I think the import workflow
needs some more work.


On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 1:09 PM Christoph Hormann <o...@imagico.de> wrote:

> On Wednesday 07 March 2018, Ilya Zverev wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > Following the recent UK Shell stations import, I've got ahold of the
> > entire NavAds dataset. A major part of it are fuel stations all
> > across the world: UK, US, France, Germany, Australia, and many other
> > countries. [...]
> I don't want to comment on the import itself - have done so in the past,
> nothing really to add - except maybe that i looked for documentation of
> the mentioned UK Shell stations import on the wiki or an entry in the
> import catalogue - both of which are required by the import guidelines
> and neither of which seems to exist (and neither for this import
> apparently).
> The import guidelines also clearly state that
> "You must not import the data without local buy-in"
> which leads me to conclude that for a multi-country import you have to
> consult with each of the local communities affected individually.
> The local communities need to have the right to object to the import or
> to have specific local conventions regarding tagging that the import
> needs to follow in their domain.  Local mappers must not be required to
> write here in English to ask questions and raise concens about local
> aspects to be heard.
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