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not sure if this is a question for incubation but as I'm rather new to git and git on Eclipse I thought it could be a good place. As described in the subject my problem is that I was a little to quick in gerrit and added a commit to the master branch which should have gone to another branch. In the meantime I was able to cherry pick the commit to the intended branch but I'm not able to delete it from my master branch on the remote git repo @ eclipse.org. I know that this is in general bad but it would really help me if I could delete the last commit on my master branch.
Going back into the history is bad and very dangerous. I'm not even sure if Eclipse Git repo allow such non-fast-forward changes. Did you consider creating a revert commit instead? It would add a "fix commit" that would restore your code in its initial state, without any sort of risk related to overriding history and loosing hundreds of hours of work,
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