Hello all! To answer your question, Philip, Yes, it is that difficult to accomplish the goal of Free Energy. There are many reasons why this is so, but I think that J.P. Morgan said it best when he told Tesla, 'where do you put the meter?' I have no idea where most of you hail from, but I live in Alaska, U.S.A. Up here, our entire State Operating Budget is derived from royalties and taxes from fossil fuels. The State is currently engaged on two new fronts; the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to new oil development, and the building of a new Trans-Continental natural gas line. Both of these projects have one goal in mind, and that is to get money for the State. Period. While the State does pay 'lip service' to the environmentalist's, at the same time it seeks to capitalize on fossil fuels. They know darn well that they can't have it both ways, so they choose the money over all else. This is the environment that we operate in. If you had a 'free energy' generator, you would no longer have to buy juice from the grid, or buy heating fuel and gasoline from Exxon, and the State would receive no taxes. The entire system is aligned against us, and our endeavors. It is an impossibility that the State of Alaska, (or the U.S.), will allow a real 'free energy' device to exist anywhere on this planet. It is too great a threat to its fiscal health. Any inventor with a serious challenge to the energy status quo will simply be 'suicided', and his invention secreted away. Every Country and citizen on Earth is subject to this reality, through the hegemonic actions of the U.S. and Britain, who are wholly controlled by the energy monopolies. Across the Midwest of my country, many people are currently engaged in the production of 'alternative fuels'. This is allowed to happen because it creates a product that must be purchased repeatedly, over and over, just like oil. To build this kind of financial system is good business, and the American way since Rockeffellor. I suppose you have heard of Sir Richard Branson ( Virgin Air) pledging 3 Billion dollars of his own money to research 'new energy's'. Even Sir Richard will be told what to do with any real discoveries he might make. So the problem is not whether a machine Can exist, but whether it is Allowed to exist. Personally, I am tired of paying the rental fees, (gasoline), to operate my car, which I own outright. The Monarchs never went away, they just crept into the shadows. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Phillip Mark" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Hello. More warm water/cold water free energy wheels. Here are a few problems as I perceive them. First, what separates the 2 waters? Any membrane that you interject between the two waters would subject the spinning wheel to some friction & drag and drain away energy from the wheel. Without a membrane of separation, osmosis would mix the 2 waters. A vertical separation of cold and hot is hard to accomplish. Since warm water rises, a cool bottom tank and a warm upper tank seems much more likely but even the slow spinning of the wheel would mix the waters. Harnessing the energy created would likely slow the wheel to a stop. Also, warm water needs heating, thus energy input, another minus in the free energy mix. Look, a simple water wheel in a running stream is perpetual. A wind mill is perpetual. Clocks have been created that will run 'forever' using barometric pressure to wind them up. A machine that harnesses the ebb and flow of the oceans' tides has been created. All of these machines can be classed as free energy and are subject to normal wear and tear on bearings and such but we expect that. However, harnessing mundane natural forces are not going to solve the energy needs of modern man. 10,000 or 100,000 windmills turning in the wind still require care and upkeep and won't keep America or the world powered. What we really desire is the device that will tap into the harmonic songs of energy flowing throughout the universe. An electrical outlet tapped into the ether that we can plug our world into. Tesla, Brown, Keely, Townsend... these are the Wright Brothers of energy who have illuminated the path. Friends, Einstein said that the man who unlocks the secret of the magnet will unlock the secret of the universe. The element Bismuth shows promise. Spinning disks with differences of electrical potential upon their surfaces shows promise. Fluids under high pressure show promise. If we put large solar collectors in space that focused solar energy down to the earth's surface, we could reap that reward. A few countries now tap into geothermic energy created by the earth's core to produce electricity and heat. Is the goal we seek so hard to accomplish? Phillip Mark, central Florida, USA

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