Jani Taskinen wrote:
Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
One of the benefits of svn is that we can do cross-branch commit pretty
easily now and thus avoid multiple similar commits with annoying MFH/MFB
commit log messages that are hard to track.

I did a commit today on all 3 branches and it worked fine except for the
fact that no commit email was sent anywhere. I sent Gwynne a note about
it, but so that everyone knows too, don't commit anything like that
until this is fixed..

Do we have a long-term plan of using actual merge commands/tools to merge our 
branches rather than duplicating commits or manually merging?  I think this 
could speed up development and allow us to have more control over releases, 
versions, etc.  I've seen cases in the past where changes fall through the 
cracks because they didn't get manually merged up/down.  The ability to merge 
complete branches as a branch rather than many different commits could save 
some hastle assuming everyone follows the same commit/merge patterns.

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