On 17/07/09 12:24 PM, Lukas Kahwe Smith wrote:
also using merge tracking is only fun if everybody does it .. because if
only some people use it .. they first have to figure out which things
have not been merged via svn merge, as svn merge updates its metadata.
when merging you can either mark an entire range of versisions as merged
.. or just individually.

I agree, we have a small team and all use the tool, so it works for us. php-src seems to have a larger number of committers and uses patches from a still-larger set of contributors, so using a tool like svnmerge would require some discipline and polite discussions about what is expected.

As mentioned, here is some documentation we wrote internally about using svnmerge with the openkomodo sources:


...it should give you an idea of the workflow we use. YMMV of course.


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