Davey Shafik wrote:
More importantly, the branch/merge support in SVN is limited to
temporary feature/bug branches. You branch, *complete* the feature/bug
fix, and then merge it in. After that, if you decide to carry on in your
branch, SVN's merge tracking cannot handle the tracking of changes. You
need to merge, delete, re-branch, carry on. This doesn't work for say,
the 5.3.x branch fixes getting pushed into trunk, the 5.3.x branch is
toast as far as SVN is concerned once you merge the first fix — quite

I didn't realize this was the what was being described in documentation.

"In Subversion 1.5, once a --reintegrate merge is done from branch to trunk, the 
branch is no longer usable for further work. It's not able to correctly absorb new trunk 
changes, nor can it be properly reintegrated to trunk again. For this reason, if you want 
to keep working on your feature branch, we recommend destroying it and then re-creating 
it from the trunk:"

That's pretty limiting, although I don't see why you can't work around this by 
cherry-picking your changes out and only merging those back to trunk.  This of 
course isn't really ideal.


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