On 16/07/09 3:45 PM, shire wrote:
Do we have a long-term plan of using actual merge commands/tools to
merge our branches rather than duplicating commits or manually merging?
I think this could speed up development and allow us to have more
control over releases, versions, etc. I've seen cases in the past where
changes fall through the cracks because they didn't get manually merged
up/down. The ability to merge complete branches as a branch rather than
many different commits could save some hastle assuming everyone follows
the same commit/merge patterns.

I'd suggest looking into the svnmerge tool:


We use it quite a bit at ActiveState to migrate changes from developer branches into trunk, and then into production. I would caution that the merge actions might not be to everyone's taste, so you might want to either encourage use or ban use depending on your preference.

We have some quite excellent Komodo-specific documentation a co-worker wrote on how to use this tool for developer branches specifically; I could see about providing this to someone if they want to try svnmerge out.

cheers, Jeff

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