On 17/07/09 8:31 AM, Davey Shafik wrote:
More importantly, the branch/merge support in SVN is limited to
temporary feature/bug branches. You branch, *complete* the feature/bug
fix, and then merge it in. After that, if you decide to carry on in your
branch, SVN's merge tracking cannot handle the tracking of changes. You
need to merge, delete, re-branch, carry on. This doesn't work for say,
the 5.3.x branch fixes getting pushed into trunk, the 5.3.x branch is
toast as far as SVN is concerned once you merge the first fix — quite

Is it that limited? I hadn't used it ( for a variety of reasons the server is stuck on SVN 1.4 or something ). We DO use the svnmerge tool for maintaining dev / stage / production branches for web apps and versioned branches of things like Komodo. I guess I had assumed form shire's reply that the svn 1.5.x merge support was a work-alike, but I haven't ever attempted to use it myself.


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