2016-10-18 18:41 GMT+02:00 Anatol Belski <anatol....@belski.net>:
> AFM the patch is not acceptable for 7.0. It is true that some place was moved 
> to the new random int functionality (in password AFAIR). But, it is done at 
> the place and the way that a BC breach is unlikely. Using the throwing 
> variant is for sure a BC breach, but also the way pushing while being 
> explicitly asked to go through an RFC, is inappropriate. As the new random_* 
> functions are available and allow to implement the best possible uniqueness 
> in user land, changing the algorithm of the existing uniqid() doesn't look to 
> have a valid base.

I must add, despite not following the discussion entirely, that it
should also be approved by the two 7.1 RMs to be committed,
considering we are in RC4 stage at this point and I don't think we
should just commit things this late without the RM consent to it.


Kalle Sommer Nielsen

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