On 18/10/2016 20:52, Yasuo Ohgaki wrote:
Which is important?
  - uniqid() is not unique
  - Really broken system that shouldn't be used may emit error

Frankly, both are pretty rare cases. From the way you talk about it, everybody who uses uniqid() will get duplicate values all the time, when in fact, it's incredibly unlikely that anyone will even notice.

I know when I've used it, it's for things like avoiding duplicate id attributes on an HTML page, or varying the URL of an asset by adding a token to the URL. It's perfectly usable as is for those situations, and I use it with full knowledge that it has a small chance of generating colliding values.

I'm happy to see it improved, but I don't see any hurry, unless I'm completely misunderstanding the chances of seeing collisions.


Rowan Collins

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