On 05/01/18 01:21, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> The reason we don’t have typed properties/variables is that it would require 
> adding type checks on almost every access to the underlying zval. That is a 
> huge perf hit compared to only doing it on method/function egress points as 
> we do now.

I think that in hindsight all I have been looking to out of this is that
'zval' has additional capability to standardise validation. 'Simply'
adding a crude type check with it's overheads does not remove the
validation requirements which still need to be handled much of the time.
It the type check ALSO included validation, then the performance hit
would be mitigated by the reduction in user side code. But 'error' may
not be the right response EVEN with just the simple type check and that
is why current typing hacks don't fit MY method of working. I have
validation on key paths, but each is isolated from other paths while a
core standard method of validation would simplify things in a way
'strong typing' does not!

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