On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 12:53 AM, Rasmus Lerdorf <ras...@lerdorf.com> wrote:

> The difference here is that the end syntax is something like 10% of the
> problem. 90% of it is fitting it into the engine in an efficient manner
> giving that it is affecting the very core of the engine. An RFC on this
> issue that doesn't address the bulk of the problem isn't all that helpful.
It makes absolutely NO sense to do that 90% of the work to have it all
burned up when the proposal fails to carry a 2/3rds vote because the syntax
is disliked.

Also, drawing the architectural drawings for a skyscraper is also like only
10% of the work, but it's a damn important 10%.

That the implementation will be a major pain in the ass to do is all the
more reason to create and pass a planning RFC before doing any related
code/implementation RFC's. It will encourage people to do the research to
try to figure out how to get this done because they know the syntax is
approved and they aren't fiddling around in the dark trying to figure out
how to do something that may not be accepted for inclusion at all, which is
a huge waste of time.

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