On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 5:27 AM, Michael Morris <tendo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Also, drawing the architectural drawings for a skyscraper is also like only
> 10% of the work, but it's a damn important 10%.

Wow, that's rather insulting to the amazing work Dmitry, Nikita, Xinchen
and others are doing working on the core of PHP. Describing the syntax/UI
for a feature like this is nothing like the architectural drawings for a
skyscraper. The architectural drawings for a skyscraper are extremely
detailed and describe exactly how to build it including all materials,
tolerances, etc. The analogy here is more like you saying you would like a
blue skyscraper with 30 windows and a door and then complaining that the
idiot constructions crew should stop complaining and just build the thing.

There are plenty of things where the UI/syntax description is all that is
needed because the implementation is trivial and flows straight from such a
description. This doesn't happen to be one of those.


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